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Vermont has been viewed as a leader in the stewardship of its environmental resources and in environmental education programs. The state’s reputation and broad-based citizen support of an environmental ethic provide a credible basis upon which to market environmental technologies, “green” products, and related expertise and services. 

In its first Science and Technology Plan, published in 1994, the Vermont Technology Council recognized the importance of fostering the growth of environmental technologies and businesses in Vermont.

As this recognition has strengthened over time, the Council has worked closely with state government and partner organizations to promote environmental science and technology.

The primary organization supporting this business sector is the Vermont Environmental Consortium, a partnership of private industry, government agencies, and educational institutions that leverages the skills of its partners in facilitating sustainable growth for Vermont’s environmental sector.

In his 2007 inaugural speech, Governor James Douglas indicated that “the state will marshal public and private resources to grow this portion of our economy.”

He also noted his intention to “create through Executive Order an Environmental Engineering Advisory Council comprised of Vermonters with expertise in engineering, math, science and technology and appointed by both the administration and the Legislature.”